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De har varit med förr, men..

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Loneliness has entered me and
Once again I cannot sleep, so
Many things are confusing me
And the seed of pain, it's infecting
Me, the seed of pain has grown
Defenseless I bleed

Realize all is lost, realize all
Is dead, realize all is lost
All is dead, realize all is
Gone, realize all that was
Sacrificed for us both, has been drowned

Mournful tides have come for me
When the hunger sets, I'm too
Weak to eat, there is just so much
That I don't understand, how did
I end up here where life seems so
Unfair, with such an open heart
There's nothing to defend

For far too long I've been searching
in endless ways, to shelter, to cover
Up while storms are moving by
For far too long I've trying how can
I, keep on going now, when the
World is passing me by
Time to stand tall, it's all so
Clear, the story ends right here
Where shall I go, I feel alone
And the silence breaks my heart

Nothing seems to make me smile
With this burden I'll go down
I feel no hope, I see no signs
Is there a reason...

Why, why am I here
I'm so stuck in life
Will you hold my hand
So my eyes might dry
So far away...
I'm just lost in life
May the will to fight
Once more come alive

Time to be strong, to walk alone
And to make my final stand
it's all been done, the fires gone
And the sadness quests my heart

Now it seems to make me cry
Nothing left but still I try
I feel the passion let me down
Is there a reason...

Tell me what to do
Tell me where to go
Tell me who to turn to
I really need to know